Most people going on a gambling holiday in the United States will think that the only destinations are in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. However, Northern America and Canada offer an ideal getaway for road trip lovers where you can visit some of the famous casinos in the region along the way.

Travellers who visit the US for a gambling holiday have an advantage in that one can sign up today online on various gambling platforms and casinos. It’s important to know the laws of each state that relates to casinos and gambling because in the United States each region has its own laws and you will find that what is legal in one state may be illegal in the neighbouring state. The following are some of the best places to visit if you are on a gambling holiday and decide to stop over some of the famous casinos.

Rock River Casino

Vancouver is home to many existing casinos, but the Rock River Casino stands out as one of the most sought after casino destination. Located in Richmond, the casino offers a load of activities ranging from the swimming pool and spa, casino with over 1,100 slot machines and 110 casino tables. Having been built in 2005, the casino has state of the art gambling rooms which you will not find in any other casino in the city.

Lucky Eagle Casino

When driving down the coastline of Vancouver, you will find many casinos along the way on highway 5, but if you drive through to Seattle, you will find the second stop where you can rest your head. Lucky Eagle Casino boasts of a luxurious hotel and casino with over 1300 slot machines.

Grey Wolf Peak Casino

After Seattle, you may be tempted to drive through California then straight to Nevada. However, it would be wise to cruise through Montana as you learn the great cultural history of the people. The Grey Wolf Peak Casino is one of the stops that travellers in this region long to visit.

Ameristar Black Hawk Casino Resort Spa

Drive south of Montana until you reach the pine forest of Colorado, and here you can relax at the Ameristar Black Hawk Casino Resort Spa which has a rooftop spa, four hotels and a casino with over 1,250 slots machines and 40 tables to help you relax after a day of navigating through several states of the United States. The mountainous terrain offers some of the breathtaking sceneries in this region.