Undoubtedly the United States is a popular destination among many travellers because of the numerous attraction sites ranging from the Great Lakes, national parks, the skyscrapers of New York and the entertainment hub of Las Vegas. Many travellers have the United States on their places to visit around their world list and if intending to visit the US on a business trip, vacation or going on a road trip. However, there are several things you will need to know about the country rules, especially those related to immigration, road use, and how to relate with the citizens and residents. Here we have highlighted some of the things you should do or know about travelling to the United States of America both as a citizen or foreigner.

Visa Requirements

Its common knowledge that if you intend to set foot in a foreign country there are immigration laws that govern the entry and exit of people and we advise that before travelling to the US its necessary that you get to know the laws of the country. Some citizens of countries such as those in the European Union, Japan and Australia can be allowed 90 days stay in the United States without the need for Visa through the Electronic System for Travel Authorizations (ESTA). It’s easy to get this authorizations and once approved, residents of the said country can visit the US within two years provided that each stay does not go beyond the 90 days.

Travel Insurance

Health care is relatively expensive in the US when compared to other countries around the world. Each year a number of Americans are filing for bankruptcy to avoid paying huge medical bills. When travelling to the US, we encourage you to seek a good medical insurance policy, especially if going on a road trip because of the many unforeseen incidences that may require you to seek medical attention.

Tipping Should Be Expected

In the US tipping, the waiter is considered a norm, and if you opt not to tip, then you are considered rude. However, tipping is voluntary, and it’s up to you to decide if to tip or what amount to tip.

Prices May Vary

Because this is a foreign country, prices may not be as they are displayed on brochures or adverts. Carrying a little more with you won’t hurt as you have cautioned against any eventuality. Some prices are listed without the tax amounts so expect situations where the cashier may ask for a slightly higher amount.

Visit Some National Parks

American cities may be known for their busy nature, but not many people have taken time to explore the great national parks. The US is known to have some of the most beautiful national parks with breathtaking sceneries.

Every State Has Its Own Laws

Every state in the US is its own country and has different laws governing the activities within its jurisdiction. For example, in some states like Texas, you can buy a gun without a license, but in states such as California, a special gun license is required for you to purchase a firearm. So when planning your trip to the US, make sure you know the state laws as different states are governed by different laws. Plan your trip in advance so as to avoid last minutes rush as you will have enough time to concentrate and enjoy your trip.