The United States is known for its natural diversity and man-made attraction such as the skyscrapers of New Your to the entertainment center in Las Vegas, where neon lights always give nightlife a different meaning. The coastline of California offers a great experience for both ski lovers or those on a road trip through California to other states and cities such as Nevada and New Orleans. Manhattan’s iconic skyline and the Grand Canyon are some of the highlights of what the US has to offer. When travelling to the United States, the following is some information which will help you along the way.

Security And Safety

  • Crime

When travelling to a new country take care of yourself and your belongings because, in almost all busy cities, petty crimes are likely to be reported especially if the locals realize you are not familiar with the place. Remember to carry your passport along and don’t leave important documents or money in rented car boots.

  • Road Safety

Driving rules in the US depend on each state and if you intend to drive while in the United States you should read through the road use guidelines from each state and also you should be ready to drive on your right-hand side. Some states require one to have an international driving license for you to be allowed to drive on the roads. Only citizens and residents can apply for an international driving license; hence if you are a foreigner consider getting one in your country before travelling.

  • Air Travel

Before travelling, check out the security measures applied by the airport in the United States. This information can be got online on the various airport authority websites, or you can reach them through the helpline. Avoid making statements that may be deemed a security threat, such as talking about terrorism and bombs.

Local Laws and Customs

Local laws vary from state to state, and if you are in a specific state, you have to subject to the laws of the state even if your stay is temporary. Carrying or being in possession of a controlled substance in the US carries a severe punishment such a prison time or heavy fines.