There is no better way to explore the American countryside and cities other than going on a road trip accompanied by family or friends. With the vast land with diverse sceneries, the United States is the ideal destination for road trips and other forms of vocational trips. Road trips in the US are a popular activity among many people, and there are established routes that offer good sceneries as you criss-cross through the states of America and Canada. Here we shall look at some of the most famous road trip routes in the United States.

America’s Mother Road

The historic Route 66 runs from Chicago to Santa Monica, and it will take you about three weeks to cover this distance. But if not in a hurry you can decide to take your time and visit various destinations along the way where you will enjoy the magnificent views as you cross eight different states and you have to adjust between three time zones.

The Southern Sunshine States

Los Angeles is a wonderful city with lots of activities, and you will not be bored when on a road trip. With the many attractions, you may be tempted to stay in Los Angles forever. However, this is a great starting point when planning for a road trip where you will drive through California to Florida, which is on the other side of the continent.

New England

New England is known to be the cradle of the American nation and its composed of six states, and here travellers have got an opportunity to learn the history and culture of the American people. Autumn is the best time to visit New England when the leaves of the forest have undergone a change. The peak tourist season in early October. This period is locally known as the leave peeping season and is a pastime activity among locals and foreign tourists.

Blue Highway

The states of Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville lie along the blue highway, and the region is known for its vibrant jazz culture. When visiting this region, a good playlist will help you hit the road and also short hikes to stretch your legs will do you good during the road trip.