What Makes The Similans So Special?

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The Similans or the Similan Islands are a small group of islands located in the southern part of Thailand. The Similans has been declared as a national park and is also one of the best places for diving, in Thailand.
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The Similan Islands are located only a small distance from the bustling city of Phuket and the Patong beach. The reason these groups of islands have become so famous is because of the magical views, underneath the water. Here, we will look at some of the most interesting aspects of the Similans.


The Diving

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Without a doubt, the most interesting thing about the Similan Islands is the diving there. While these islands are not as popular as many others, the thing that sets them apart, is the gorgeous coral growth! The coral growth along with the boulders that scatter on the floor of the ocean, gives an interesting challenge to all divers.

The Sailing

If underwater is not your thing, don’t worry. The Similan Islands are also a sailor’s haven. Every year, December to February is the top sailing season. Yachts or boats can be chartered from Phuket. The beautiful corals, wonderful underwater life and lush forests are definitely a sight to behold.
Just talk a walk along the shore-

The things that make these islands special are the huge, big boulders. The boulders on the shores were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and hence, are formed in very interesting shapes and sizes. They are also frequently found underwater, due to the ever changing weather of the Similan Islands.

All these aspects, give the islands, their very unique characteristics.

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  • Sounds like you enjoyed them! I’m jealous I haven’t had the chance to dive the Similans yet as I hear they are the best diving in Thailand. Would you agree?

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