Pictures of Venice

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I love Italy, I mean you have sights like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and small medieval town like Venice.

Venice is all about the experience and the number one experience everyone has in Venice is getting lost.

Believe me, if you ever visit Venice, it will happen. The city is full of winding alleys, and bridges that look identical.

Don’t panic! As one reader put on my Facebook page, to get lost in Venice is to get found.

The easiest time to get lost is twilight or later into the night. A few days ago, I was hastily running from St Mark’s Square to catch my bus. Imagine you are headed on the right track only to turn a corner and once again be in St Mark’s Square. That is the Venice experience.

No worries, it is all so charming that you find yourself almost happy. After all, there is always another bus and they are one of My Favorite Ways To Travel Europe

Here is a collection of pictures I shot on my meanderings through this medieval maze at sunset. The fading sun reflects off the water and onto the red and white building causing the illusion that you standing in front of an exquisite painting.

Photos of Venice

The Canals In Venice

The canals are legendary but at sunset is when they are meant to be seen and explored.

The street canals and old buildings make it feel as if you have wandered back in time. Building after building is painted red, white, and yellow.

Gondola Ride At Sunset

The couple in the background enjoys a Gondola ride as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon as the lights near the lakes turn on.

St. Mark’s Sqaure

This famous square only adds to the charm of the city. This is the  first of three times I wander in here trying to find my bus!

Venice is known for their shops full of masks. If you like window shopping, Venice is your place. When traveling Italy, or backpacking Europe Venice is a must.

I know what you are thinking! You want to go to Venice, well get going. This city is sinking an inch every year so in a couple centuries it will cease to exist. Now most places in Venice are expensive but you can save with this Airbnb Promo code.

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  • Some stunning photos!
    Getting lost in Venice was actually probably my favourite part of the city… these are my favourite kinds of places!

    • admin

      I agree, it how it is meant to be seen

  • Nancy Davolio

    Nice place to visit.An amazing place with
    such natural delights. I will surely plan my upcoming vacation to this place.

  • Fantastic dream city! Indeed, I enjoyed getting lost as well! 🙂

  • Sally

    Awesome position to visit.An awesome position with such natural pleasures. I will absolutely plan my future holiday to this position.

  • Wow, these are some amazing photos! I’ve been to Venice countless times and never managed to capture its beauty as nicely as you did. And yes, I got lost almost every time 🙂

    • haha getting lost is Venice is something that everyone should do. Luckily it is so easy to get lost!

  • Amanda

    Venice is beautiful! I really like the first photo. Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful photos! The Gondola Ride At Sunset is amazing, I would buy and frame it if it were a poster. I’ve never been to Venice but it looks amazing.

  • Wow, such a beautiful place to travel. I love the shots, it has different perspective and how you have presented it makes its mesmerizing to look at. Anyway, you site looks really slow, i dont know why

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