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Paris, France

Paris holds attraction for many, from hopeless romantics to historians this city is a dream destination. However, most people either love or hate Paris within the first day.

Honestly I have to admit that Paris and I did not get off to the best start, but now that I’ve visited the city a few times I can see the charm, and each time I find myself falling a little more in love with this city.

Nothing beats Paris on a cloudy day, and my latest visit, though brief, gave me the perfect opportunity to get some terrific pictures of some of my favorite sites.

Pictures of Paris

By far, my favorite place in Paris is just outside of the Louvre. The majestic pyramids surrounded by beautiful French Renaissance buildings are the perfect photo or Paris to me. Below is the world-famous museum that holds treasures such as the Mona Lisa. Below is the inside of the Louvre which is the best art Gallery of France.


The dark green park, just outside the Louvre, is full of statues and monuments.These are two of my favorite statues inside the park.

In legends, centaurs would raid nearby villages and carry off women.

Photographs of France


Theseus slaying the Minotaur.

Attractions in Paris France

Almost everywhere you go in this city you have spectacular views.A girl gazes as Clouds swing in to cover the horizon over the Eiffel tower. This is not only one of my favorite pictures of Paris, but one of the best photos of France overall, that I have ever taken.

Pictures of the Eiffel Tower

This obelisk is the middle of a roundabout just outside the Louvre park.

Beautiful Notre Dame, Paris France.
Paris France, Pictureof notre dame cathedral

The famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company. Famous authors such as James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and Scot Fitzgerald used to hang out here together.
Photos of France

While Paris isn’t a city for everyone, and even if you felt that way the first time you visited Paris I suggest that you give it another try, Although it isn’t my favorite city on the planet, Paris is a splendid city from and holds attraction even if it a little hard to see at first.

What did you think of my pictures of Paris? 

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