Photo Essay: Things to do on Islands of Thailand

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Thailand is home to clusters of coastal islands in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. Only the middle part of the Siam gulf is free of islands, and Thailand does not have any islands located far from the coast. Uninhabited for a long time, it is believed that with time, and demands from tourists, several smaller islands have been domiciled.

It is common to find several islands grouped as a cluster and referred to a name, for example, the cluster PhangNga bay has 67 islands. Traditionally, islands in Thailand are prefixed with Koa. Therefore,Koa Tao and Koa Sumi refer to Tao and Sumi islands respectively.

Due to the vast number of Thailand islands, it is possible to find several islands where strangers are dancing and having fun in the beach, and equally locate another peaceful and quiet island for a comfort and relaxation. Also, these islands can be enjoyed at a relatively cheaper price tag for the cost-conscious traveler when compared to Hawaii or the Bahamas.

Koa Tao:

Situated on the eastern coast, it is trending to be a popular tourist destination. Formerly a scuba diving spot, it now attracts budget travelers from all over the world. The demand has given rise to several upscale neighborhoods in the southern part of the island. Like many Thai islands, Kao Tao is also a party island. Most tourists take the

  • 2-hours boat ride, and enjoy the party at destination ‘Sairee’.
  • Guests are able to snorkel and view the coral reefs.

Koh Samui

It is one of the biggest islands on the eastern coast of the Thai gulf. It is considered to be a mini-Phuket, especially due to its calm and quiet atmosphere. This island has an airport, and several resorts and night clubs in addition to the beach crowd. Among the numerous entertainments in the Sumi island, one should not miss the:

  • Busiest beaches at Chaweng and Lamai
  • Sailing cruises

Looking for some more things to do in Koh Sami

Koa Phanyang:

This island is a popular destination for all night dancing, particularly during the Full Moon nights. As this is a picturesque island, at least an overnight stay is recommended. Tourists can enjoy the HaadRin beach. Kao Phanyang is known for its undeveloped but pristine beaches. Slightly primitive in terms of development compared to other islands this island is home to a sanctuary spa, yoga and wellness center. Two main activities to not miss:

  • Watching the thrilling Muay Thai-kickboxing.
  • Visiting Phaeng waterfall

Koa Lak:

Located approximately 60 kms north of Phuket, it is a tourist-friendly island though agriculture and commercial fishing are major economic activities. This island appears isolated, quieter and has a family-friendly nightlife. Structures taller than a coconut palm tree are not permitted and such regulations make this a down to earth island. If in Koa Lak one must remember to enjoy the:

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  • Cute little turtle. So well camouflaged 🙂

  • far away world…so fascinating! amazing photos

  • lyn

    Your photographs says a lot about the place .It’s really important to bring cameras.

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