My Favorite Ways To Travel Europe

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I am in love with Europe, you can almost an endless amount of beauty in a variety of different cities. Like the time I watched the sunset in Venice. I have spent over a year of my life backpacking around taking beautiful pictures like this:

traveling with a camera


One thing I get asked a lot is how do I get around, and what method of travel do I prefer. Lets look at a few convenient, fast and reliable way to travel through picturesque Europe?

Trains- are a good option for travelling in Europe. You can book amazingly cheap train tickets if you know when and where to go, making your trip more affordable. There are other cheap way to travel Europe as well.

 Cars-I also like cars, you get to see a lot of landscape and stop at any little town that looks appealing on the way. Cars are good option, but the traffic can be a nightmare.

Buses- These are another cheap option to get from point A to point B, but can be extremely uncomfortable. However I always find overnight buses a lot of fun.

Flights- While I love flying (nothing feels better than finding low travel time and booking a flight). However, the time lost in check-ins and luggage collection, baggage fees, luggage weight limit, the additional cost of airport taxes. One reasons I love trains is that the stations take you right to the heart of the city.  The rail network in Europe is vast and it covers almost every town and city. There are multiple departures each day giving you flexibility of schedule.

Booking Your Ticket

Booking a ticket is a very important aspect of your travel experience. Any traveler would want to book ticket at the most economical prices and such that the journey is convenient and not much time is wasted while travelling or waiting for connecting transport.

For this, there are many search tools, like GoEuro, it is site is an innovative multimode search engine which combines efficiency with convenience and ease. It provides its users with all the travel alternatives for all kinds of transit options such that the traveler need not visit multiple websites and save hours spent on planning. For any given destination (including towns and villages) and date range, you can see and compare buses, trains, flights and even car rentals.

Getting you backpacking adventure off to the right start is key to setting the tone for the rest of your trip. One of the most important things you can know about your travel style is what kind of transport works best for you.  I hope this mini guide will help make your travels easier and more convenient. Read more about backpacking Europe here.


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