Essay: Photos of Cairo

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When I think of Cairo the word chaotic comes to mind. It is a city that’s alive at all hours of the night. A city filled with tourist, and markets to cater to them. Cairo is a city like I’ve never experienced before. These are a few of my favorite pictures of the tourist hot spots and markets.

Camel Trekking at the Pyramids


One of the most popular things to do on any visit to Cairo is to take a camel trek around the pyramids. Although, it is a little touristy it is one of the best ways to see them from afar. You also get a magnificent view of all six.


Exhausted Camel


In the summer, Egypt is hot. Nothing is spared from this heat, not even the mighty camel, who was made to wander the desert.

Dervish dancer in Egypt


On any visit to Egypt, you should check out the Dervish dancers. While us mere mortals will get dizzy for only a few spins, a Dervish dancer will never get dizzy, and even dances as they spin forever. It is a invigorating experience, and you will get dizzy just watching them.

Khan el-Khalili Market


The markets of Cairo are covered in a variety of different colors and shops catering to the tourist. The colors are bright and vivid. Taking a stroll and haggling at these markets is a timeless experience in Egypt.

The Spice Markets in Cairo

The Spice Markets of Cairo

Behind the chaos of Cairo most famous market, Khan el-Khalili, you will find some terrific spice markets. You can find every type of spice you can think of and at a cheap price. I suggest Hibiscus and the hot peppers.

Spice Vendor


A man filling up a bag of Hibiscus for sale. The first of many spices I bought.


What do you think of Cairo? What places would you like to visit here?

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  • JC

    Yo Stevo doing a great job loving the Photo’s. Cheers Kid cya in London Town soon for a beer xx

    • admin

      Thanks JC! London in two weeks!! So pumped to catch up with ya!

    • admin

      Are you on a two year visa?

  • These are incredible photos! I’m hoping to visit Cairo – for the first time – as soon as next year 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks mate. In some ways I loved Cairo, and in other ways I found it very hectic. Al though it is worth a visit.

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