Enjoying Plitvice Lakes

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 Pictures: Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes, Pictures of Plitvice Lakes

This Picture of Plitvice is shot above the famous waterfalls in the park. While it is not the biggest waterfall in the park, that is the stunning Plitvice Falls, this was my personal favorite set of waterfalls.

Walking in Plitvice Lakes it feels like stepping into a dream. Plitvice Lakes is an area abundant in beautiful floating lakes, and water falls. The rich algae and bacteria give the water other worldly feeling with shades of deep blue and light green. This area is heavily forested, and a terrific way to spend a couple days. Divided into two separate the lower and upper areas it is a massive and beautiful area just a few hours from the capital city of Croatia.

The park is traveler friendly. They offer Plitvice Lakes Tours, and even a Plitvice Lakes Hotels (which is a little pricey). You can easily spend two or three days take pictures of  Plitvice Lakes, enjoying the beautiful blue water, and the sounds of nature.  This National Park was one of my highlights in Croatia, and a must when you are visiting the country.

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