Brasov – Home to Narrowest Street in Eastern Europe

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I am not a huge fan of big cities. I prefer small little towns, green forest, of stunning mountains. This is something that Romania is full of. It is also one of the cheap places to travel in Eastern Europe.

While the mountains of Romania have their charm, you would be missing out if you overlooked some of the small mountain towns, like Brasov. This little town of about 300,000 has a distinct character and charm to it. The old town is quaint and quiet. I was there in winter and a little chill in the air only added to the wonderful feel of this city.

Brasov also has a funny call to fame. It is the home of the narrowest street in Eastern Europe. While the street is nothing to write home about, it is fun to squeeze yourself this colorful little road.

Romania isn’t like Paris or Rome, cities that are full of unbelievable mind blowing sights. This Eastern European country is all about landscape and small charming towns. If you are backpacking Eastern Europe, make sure to check out Brasov, and the surrounding castles.

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  • Mostly, I love that the narrow road is so bright and colourful!
    I think I’m with you… preferring the smaller towns over the huge cities. That said, I do like a balance.

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