Belgium is Great to Drive

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Belgium is a very striking country with a vivid environment. It has natural views, magnificent vistas and spectacular sculptures. Do not be fooled by the small size of the place. From the monk’s breweries to the World War battlefield, this country is filled with excitement, places worth clicking thousand snapshots.

Road route


The entire route is just 750 kms (446 miles). The country has 8 main destinations and all are connected by open road. You can use trams, bikes or cars to travel around the country. This article talks about every destination you ought to watch, while taking a road trip, and with all the budget car hire, a road trip through Belgium is a must!


Brussels is a land of beauty and diversity with a lot of museums, grand squares, towers and architectures. The attractions you must watch are plethora, in this city. The Grand place-Grote Market (Rue des Harengs 6 1000) is a collage of three old buildings surrounded by a city tower. At night, the place is filled with hundreds of lights. It is a splendid building and has been around since the 10th century. The famous ‘Manneken pis’ is the sculpture of a child’s nature’s call. Cantillion Brewery is the only remaining brewery in Brussels. As you drive through the streets, there will be a lot of chocolate shops and the place is very famous for chocolates.


Gent is a city of light, architecture and canals. The Belfort en Lakenhalle can be reached through road and also tram. It is a mark of autonomy and was completed in the 13th century. The St. Bravo’s cathedral is a Romanesque and baroque mixed architecture with 24 panel altarpiece.


Brugge is a pre-motorized city and has many hotels to stay in. Park your car at car parks or railway station and walk to the main squares. Drive to Groeninge Museum which is filled with art collections. Take a trip through the city in the Canal tours, which is called as the Venice of Belgium. The house of Ruben, Rubenshuis is a museum of his work and life. You should also drive to the Plantin Moretus Museum.


If you are starting from the German and Dutch border, this place is about 30 minutes drive. The Palace of the Prince Bishops has two palaces and they stand today as symbols of political power. Drive towards E25 and follow in the direction of Aywaille. Drive for a few minutes towards Remouchamps, you would reach Ninglinspo, a picturesque place with many hills and pleasant ambience. Take your time to visit Remouchamps caves too.


This city has Citadel of Dinanat which is about 100 m above the River Meuse. The city is filled with natural beauty and unbelievable architectures. There is also a medieval arm’s museum at the citadel.

Eau D’Heure

This city is filled with various lakes. There are a few restaurants, shopping areas and accommodations too. Drive along the road of the city to have a look at all the water bodies.

If you wish for an ultimate driving holiday, Belgium is the best destination to visit. It is a small country with good road links and easy routes to explore all the destinations. There are a plenty of places to explore and a lot of sceneries, which would take your breath off.

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