Backpacking Tips For Crete

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When it comes to backpacking, the spot we choose should be relaxing and free from the hustle bustle, of the city. One such place is Crete. It is a small island, which is popular for its quiet valleys, hissing beaches, murmuring vineyards and olive groves and not to mention the stunning coastline. All you need to have a perfect holiday in Crete is a backpack and the energy to intake all the pleasure that this island is waiting to give you.

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What to pack in your backpack?

If you are planning for a long beach walking, you would need a sun-cream. A few other backpacking tips are, good shoes for hiking in the valley, shorts and sandals for beach action, would be required. Tents and mosquito and ant repellent are very essential, if you plan on sleeping outdoors.

Where to mark your footprints?

If you are planning to start from an ancient Greek place, Angios Nikolaos and Chania are good attractions with good view of the coast. If you start from Chania, an hour walk would take you to the park of Smaria Gorge for a hiking. There is a bus facility from Chania to the plateau of Omalos, which stretches 16kms to walk with different sceneries and breathtaking gorge.

From Paleohora, a town in the west coast, the backpackers can walk along the Gingelos to Omalos, in the plain. From Omalos, you can walk to the Smaria Gorge. At the end of the Gorge, you can reach the Agia Roumelo, a fishing village.

The Agia Roumelo village has many taverns in the coast. There are a few ferries to take you to Hora Sfakion. There are many lodgings available here and also in Loutro, which can be reached through bus. A ferry could take you to Nissos Gavdos, where there are a lot of taverns in the harbor and a bakery, supermarket and post office. The village might seem to be empty and deserted, but there are good restaurants, to satisfy your appetite and also a few ATMs.

Apart from these, there is a historical museum of Crete which has exhibits from the Byzantine and the Turkish reign. The ancient ruins in Knossos and a few archaeological museums are also in the list for sightseeing. If you are backpacking in the winter, the White Mountains are one of the best sights to walk with the chirping birds and impressive snow on the mountain caps. The mountain roads are twisty and have thousands of turns. The cliffs in the mountains are called as the balcony to Africa.

From there, one can see the villages and the coast line. The name ‘balcony to Africa’ is used as from the cliffs, one can see Africa, on the horizon. When you reach Athens from Crete, you would be exhausted with all the walking and adventure but, at the same time, you would be contented as compared to other people who planned to scan the island with ferries and other transportation. This island is custom made for backpackers and is one of the places which would add a lot of memories to your backpacking experience.

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