Affordable Holidays to Florida

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There are definitely thousands of fabulous places all over the world and visiting a few of them is what each person should aspire in life! This is true once you step foot on one of the most amazing places in the United States – the “Sunshine State,” Florida.  Being bordered to the West by the breathtaking Gulf of Mexico, no one could possibly miss out on the longest coastlines in US and its wonderful beaches. Having the combination of subtropical and tropical climate, both in the north and south of the state, people will surely enjoy the hot sunshine and occasional rains. Aside from the beaches and fantastic weather, there are iconic animals which everyone would enjoy watching like the Manatee and the Florida Panther, in Florida. The American crocodile- alligator is seen in the Everglades National Park. Florida is so magnificent and that’s why I took up the idea of writing on the topic of affordable holidays in Florida.

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Florida, indeed, has a very rich culture and is greatly influenced by a number of inheritances coming from Native American, European American and Hispanic population, who once named Florida as the “Flowery Land.” From that time onwards, Florida made a name and is at present, known for its coastline beaches, production of oranges, amusement parks and of course, the Kennedy Space Centre.

Having more than 600 miles of beaches along coastlines that are among the best in the world, there are certainly a handful of them, to choose from. You would probably be wondering how much it is going to cost you or your family, to see this wonderful place. Holidays are not expensive, if you want to go to Florida. Here are some of the places, I found, which will save you plethora of money!

If you are travelling within a budget, you can check out Posh South Beach, located in Miami. It is a multi-million home that was converted to a fantastic 5-star hostel. Located a block behind the beach and the famous Ocean Drive, Posh South Beach truly captured the hearts of many people, just like me! It doesn’t stop there; you can also enjoy a rooftop pool and a neighboring bar lounge to keep you exhilarated. If you are traveling with your family, you don’t have to worry for the hotel has facilities, which will keep you kids busy while you’re having fun.

Another ‘must see’ in Florida is the North Beach Camp Resort found in St. Augustine. This is a 30 acre family campsite found on a barrier island, just between the Atlantic beach (sunrise) and Tolomoto river (sunset). One of the many reasons why this place is a great catch is because of its charming camp ground filled with palms, moss laded oak trees in different shapes and the ocean winds that really brushes through your face as you relax enjoy your vacation.

The place is simple and it boasts of serenity and relaxation that truly everyone looks, for, in a vacation.

Last in my list would be the Perry Ocean Edge Resort, located on Daytona Beach. A family owned resort that was founded in the early 1940’s has just taken a notch up, when it comes to being a vacation spot in Florida. This place is ideal for family vacations, since it offers a number of facilities suited for kids, of different ages. It has pools, volleyball, games, shuffleboard and the list goes on. Most of their suites have kitchens and individual bed bunks, for children. It will not be as grand as the other resort hotels in the area, but its 200 plus rooms guarantees, a view of the beach.

Daytona is certainly on my list. Daytona is famous for car racing events because it is one of the very few beaches in the world where you can legally drive on.

Now looking for a hot spot and conquering your dream vacation is within your reach, because of affordable holidays in Florida.

You can also jump over Puerto Rico. Of course you should know if you do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico.

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