Charyn Canyon

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120 km away from Almaty, Kazakhstan is Charyn Canyon. There is only a handful of these types of canyons in the world. The Kazakh people claim there are only two, Charyn Canyon and the world famous, Grand Canyon. Whatever the truth, this place is beautiful, and a must visit on any trip to this part of the world.

Sky-pn-FireHowever, like the majority of Kazakhstan, the roads are terrible. The best to get to the canyon is to drive to the little village about an hour away and hire quad bikes or pay someone to take you. If you are brave, like our Mongol Rally team, you can drive out the 10k dirt road but beware it is rough, rigid, and full of pot holes. In the end, the beautiful sunset and the endless stars of the night made the trip to Charyn Canyon worth it. What do you think? Would you brave the roads or pay someone to take you?

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  • Amazing shot Stephan! The clouds look on fire. Great silhouette!

    • admin

      Ha, thanks Stuart, but I am pretty sure that the sky did most of the work 🙂

  • The sky looks incredible! Fiery red sunset – really beautiful as you have said in your blog.

    • admin

      Thanks, I hope you come back and see more photos.

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