12 Photos from My 2013 Travels

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1- Rome, Italy

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It’s no secret that Rome is my city. I find the city full of magic, terrific sights, and great food. Every time I visit the city I come to the Collsuem which is the first sight I have visited while solo traveling.

2- Koh Tao, Thailand

In 2013 I visited South East Asia for the first time. I total feel in love with Thailand, and the tiny island of Koh Tao was a big reason for it. I love the water, the boats, and the scuba diving that this little heaven offers. This is one of the places I felt most relaxed during the year, you feel like the real world is miles away.

3- Brasov, Romania

This moss covered house is located just outside Brasov on the pathway to Dracula’s Castle. I love the forest and trees, making this a dream house for myself.

4-Similan Islands, Indian Ocean

This year I conquered on of my biggest fear, deep water. I quickly feel in love with scuba diving, and a couple months ago I did a live abroad with  Koh Lak Scuba in the Similans. It was one of the highlights of my entire year.

5- Road between Georgia and Russia, Georiga

This shot is from the Mountains of Georgia as we were driving to the Russian  border.

6- Middle of Nowhere Mongolia

This is a picture of my Rally friend Casper doing some sweet moves in the desert. Taken literal in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia. As you can see you have an endless amount of land to play in here. This often lead to invisible gun battles, throwing football, or shooting a slingshot. Yep, that is Mongol Rally life

7-Cairo, Egypt

Yes, camel rides can be a bit touristy, but when visiting certain places in the world, like the pyramids, they have to be done. I caught this photo as from the back on my camel.

8-Areal Sea, Kazakhstan

On the Mongol Rally we came to a small village were we handed out toys to the kids. This boy is sporting his brand new British Flag sunglasses


9- Bangkok, Thailand

This is the Royal Place in Bangkok one of the most extravagant places I have ever been in the world.

10-Plitvice, Croatia

Plitvice Falls in Croatia is like walking into a ferry tale, the park is filled with so much beauty. You have waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful water you will ever see.

11- Wilsons Promptory

Wilsons Prom 1

In the southern most tip of Australia you find this beautiful landscape full or forest and stunning beaches.

12- Trinity College Dublin

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Trinity college in Dublin. Right after viewing the spectacular book of Kells (no photos allowed) you come to this beautiful hallway. This library is full of old books, and headbust of ancient philosophers and leaders.


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