Why I Love Santorini

Santorini is one among the most beautiful islands in the world. It has another name called Thira. The island has a shape of a huge pair of jaws which is encircling a lake occupied with clear blue water. According to legend, Santorini is situated on the core of an ancient volcano which ruined the lost […]

Images of Las Vegas

Portraits of the Sin City life Las Vegas is a veritable smorgasbord of entertainment and spectacle; a bacchanalia of neon-lit glitz and glamour that assaults the senses and stimulates the fertile imagination. Indeed, this world-famous city in the heart of Nevada could certainly give New York a run for its money as “The City That […]

Yes that right another $250 Flight Voucher Giveaway!

Greeting from my new home base, Melbourne! If you follow me and my blogs, as make my way Backpacking around the world, then you are probably aware that last week on A Backpackers Tale I threw a $250 Flight Voucher Giveaway through a Webjet. You, my readers, all responded so well, and your passion for […]

What Makes The Similans So Special?

The Similans or the Similan Islands are a small group of islands located in the southern part of Thailand. The Similans has been declared as a national park and is also one of the best places for diving, in Thailand. The Similan Islands are located only a small distance from the bustling city of Phuket […]

Brasov – Home to Narrowest Street in Eastern Europe

I am not a huge fan of big cities. I prefer small little towns, green forest, of stunning mountains. This is something that Romania is full of. It is also one of the cheap places to travel in Eastern Europe. While the mountains of Romania have their charm, you would be missing out if you overlooked […]

Happy Sisters of Ko Phongan

  Ko Pho Ngan, an island of the south coast of Thailand. This island is a paradise, with scenic sunsets and incredible beaches like Ao Nai Wok. Take away the beaches and the the forest in this Thai Island give sort of the same feel I had at Plitvice Lakes. The Gulf Coast Island also […]

The Beauty Of Ireland

Ireland will always hold a unique place in my heart. It was the first country I’d ever visited overseas, and from that moment my life has never been the same. It turned me into the traveler I am today. Sights like this dense and colorful forest at St. Kevin’s Kitchen are part of the reason. […]

Trevi Fountian

Rome Hands down, one of my favorite places in Rome is Trevi fountain. I think it is the only place in the world where you can see a guy pointing at an animal that has a head of a horse and the back end of a fish, but in all seriousness, if you are in […]

Charyn Canyon

120 km away from Almaty, Kazakhstan is Charyn Canyon. There is only a handful of these types of canyons in the world. The Kazakh people claim there are only two, Charyn Canyon and the world famous, Grand Canyon. Whatever the truth, this place is beautiful, and a must visit on any trip to this part […]

Exploring Romania

Romania This week I went to Romania for the first time. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from this country, but soon after we arrived I was presently surprised by the beautiful landscapes. Romania is scenic, and I was stunned by the landscape yesterday as we were driving through the Transfăgărășan mountain range. The […]

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