Welcome to Traveling With A Camera. A Backpacker and Travel Photographers Websites

I’m Stephen Schreck, a travel photographer and writer. I run Traveling with a Camera, a website dedicated to travel photography,photo essays, and Travel Photo Tips (Coming Soon).

Professional Travel Photography

I find beauty in everything big and small. Everything from giant monuments to the tiniest bug, they all fascinate me.

The heart of Traveling With A Camera is to capture the interesting travel moments in my life and share them with you through some of my Best Travel Photography 

I have a passion, inside of me, to take amazing travel photos, and tiny snippets of places and people’s lives. I’ve dedicated this site to capturing these fleeting moments in time and to capture the beauty of this world and share it with you.

Best Travel Photographers

Currently, I’m making my way around the world, on a endless journey as a travel writer and freelance travel photographer.

I’m living my dreams and using photos and photos essays to remember and express my experience, but also to inspire others to break the mold, get up, and explore.

While this site is dedicated to travel photography and photo essays, I have other sites where I write about my experiences.

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