The Most Frustrating Things You Might Face When Travelling

When a person travels, they face an extremely large number of things which can agitate and frustrate them to an extreme degree. This is especially true when a person travels by air. The following are some of the most frustrating things that a person could possibly face when travelling by air regardless of what their destination is:Security screeningsQuite possibly the most frustrating thing a person will have to face when travelling are security screenings, which can be not only … [Read more...]

All Fours: The Top Four Italian Regions for Foodies

Italy is quite simply, foodie heaven. If you thought it was all Bolognese and indistinguishable red wine, then you’re very much mistaken. Italian cuisine is as varied as its twenty distinct regions. But which is best to visit for a great culinary experience and beautiful landscapes?TuscanyTuscany, with its rows of vineyards and its valleys has to be at the top of every wine lover (and photographer’s) list. The climate is slightly milder than the rest of Italy due to the region’s … [Read more...]

Highlights of an Educational Holiday

Have you ever considered an educational holiday?I’m not talking about sitting in a classroom when you could be out on the beach, I’m talking about learning something new whilst you’re away. This could take the form of a language, a dance, cookery, photography, basically anything you fancy learning but in a totally different country, away from everything you’re familiar with.Think of it this way, you’re learning something and you’re getting a holiday – what could be better?Of … [Read more...]

A picture-perfect vacation in Turkey

 There are few places that present as photogenic a prospect as Turkey. Whether it’s the whirling dervishes of Konya, the wild coastline of Antalya or the sun-sprinkled waters of Marmaris, you’ll want to shoot from the hip at almost every opportunity. Flights to Turkey are cheap and frequent, so it’s always a good time to plan a trip to this magnificent country. Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit on a snapshot tour, and what you can get up to when you finally … [Read more...]

A Look at the Rugged Volcanic Beauty of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Morocco, are an archipelago of 7 main islands that boast an outstanding array of different climates and geography. Their natural features range from perfect golden sand beaches to high mountain pine forests and fields of Saharan Desert-like sand dunes.However, their most defining scenery has to be the rugged volcanic slopes that dominate the island's interiors and create a uniquely beautiful landscape.While all of the Canary Islands are … [Read more...]

The Magic and Mythology of Greece

Embark on a Grecian escape and you’ll discover much more than smashed plates and soft cheeses. From traditional Olympic vibes to ancient ruins and the eclectic influence of its settlers, holidaying in Greece could be exactly what the doctor ordered.Check out Ancient Olympia, watch the sun set over Acropolis and explore Meteora hanging monasteries. You can even break up the history lesson by lapping up the picturesque beaches or delving into the delicious Mediterranean dining. Not a bad deal … [Read more...]

Museum Meandering in Europe

Europe has its fair share of museums, and when we say fair share, we mean tons. There are so many museums across the continent, it would take several lifetimes to see all of them.Even then, the exhibits are constantly changing and new pieces are being moved and around and arriving, it’s a job with no finish line, that’s for sure. Here’s a great list of where you can mosey on to for a dose of history and incredible art work.The best way to move around Europe comfortably is with your … [Read more...]

Worry Gets you Nowhere

How many times have you heard that phrase?If you’re a born worrier you will probably roll your eyes at yet another mention of ‘it gets you nowhere’, but if you’re a worrier, you’re a worrier, and there’s not a lot you can do to change that trait completely. Having said that however, there are a few mind-set changes you can make to tweak it slightly.When you go away on holiday, you’re basically going a little out of your comfort zone for a while, usually whilst traveling from A to B, and … [Read more...]

Photo of the week: Koh Tao

Koh Tao is one of my favorite islands in Thailand. It is perfect for scuba diving, and snorkeling, or a great place if you are just looking to relax. The island isn't hard to get to from almost anywhere in Thailand. Although the further North you go the longer it takes, unless you find a cheap flight. … [Read more...]

A Foodies Guide to Valencia

Food has regional distinctions that distinguish them from one another. Each regional diet has its own specialty and Valencia has its own unique contribution. It bears the regional stamp of being a Mediterranean diet that has become, known not only to the locals, but world famous as well.This is due to the fact that the Mediterranean diet is rich in natural ingredients such as fresh meat fish, spices, vegetables and fruits. Likewise, They have produced a local drink known as tiger nut … [Read more...]