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Depths of Perception: Ocean Waves Photoblog Competition

In a world with of technically advancements it is astonishing how much of the ocean is still a mystery. With only about 5% of the ocean mapped there are new discoverys being made all the time, and new high quality photos being released that are impressive and capture our imaginations of just what other secrets […]

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Trevi, Fountain

Trevi Fountain at Night

Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain is one of the best sights to see in Rome. At night the fountain is lite up in all its splendor. If you are traveling in Italy, and visiting Rome then spending an evening sipping wine and relaxing in front of this fountain is a the perfect way to spend a […]


5 Stunning Pictures of Paris

There is nothing like taking pictures of Paris during a cloudy, however the city is good to take pictures of all the time. Here are some wonderful pictures of the city that I thought you all might enjoy. (For more pictures check out my photos of Paris on a cloudy day post.) The Eiffel Tower […]